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“Shaikh and Khan Services offer a comprehensive business consultancy solution, including Tax Planning, Accounting, Finance, Business Startup, and Project Evaluation – your one-stop-shop for all financial needs.”


What we do



We offer financial services for businesses including record-keeping, tax planning, and employee benefits. Our expert team provides accurate financial reporting with bookkeeping, cash management, budgeting, financial statements, and payroll accounting. Contact us for more information.


Tax Services

Our tax solutions are tailored to your needs – from filing income tax to appeals representation, planning, and more. Our experts strive to minimize your tax burden and ensure regulatory compliance for your business. Reach out to us today for personalized guidance towards meeting your financial goals while maintaining tax compliance.


Financial Advisory

Our meticulous assessment system considers your company’s worth, earnings, and rate of return. We tailor our evaluation to your specific needs, leaving no stone unturned. Our experienced team provides an honest and transparent assessment to guide your decisions. Trust us for reliable financial information.

Start Up Assistance

We support entrepreneurs starting a new business. If you have a product or service and need guidance, we’re here to help. Don’t let regulations or paperwork stop you. Let us lift the burden, provide support, and help make your dream a reality.

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Costing & Inventory Management

Manage costs by improving productivity, reliability, and quality while reducing expenses. Properly allocate overheads, consider relevant costs, and accurately record profits. Seek professional help if needed. We assist with cost management systems and offer inventory management services such as warehouse management, warranty/repair, and counting. Our aim is to help you achieve successful cost and inventory management.

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